Crime Prevention/ Community Resource Officer

                                     "In Partnership with the Community"

The Bethel Park Police Department Crime Prevention/ Community Resource Officer is Officer Tom Rigatti.  Officer Rigatti has been an officer in Bethel Park for 26 years and has served in various capacities such as patrol division and the traffic division. Officer Rigatti has served as the Crime Prevention/ Community Resource Officer since October 2009.  The Crime Prevention office offers numerous programs to enhance the quality of life in Bethel Park.  The programs include two very interactive projects, The Crime Watch and the Citizen Police Academy / Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program.  The Bethel Park Police Department is very proactive in the community and there are numerous programs for residents to chose from.  Officer Rigatti has been very active in the Community away from the police department including coaching baseball, and hockey.  Officer Rigatti also belongs to the Bethel Park Rotary and he volunteers in many charitable causes in the Municipality.  Officer Rigatti is always looking for volunteers for various projects.  if you are interested in
volunteering, please contact him. 

 The Crime Prevention/ Community Resource Officer administers the following services to our residents:

  1. Child ID Cards  (For K, 2, 4 grades)
  2. Swift Reach,  community notification
  3. Safety Programs
  4. Identity Theft Awareness
  5. Bicycle Safety
  6. Business ID & Emergency Contact program
  7. Supporting SRO Officers
  8. Bethel Park Tips Line (412)-851-2773
  9. Police Pals Programs
  10. Work Place Safety
  11. Citizen's Police Academy
  12. L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program)
  13. Police Station Tours
  14. Crime Watch Program
  15. Vacation Home Forms
  16. Internet Safety Program
  17. Christmas Holiday Food Drive
  18. Christmas Holiday "Adopt-A-Family" Program
  19. Halloween Safety Programs and sponsored lights
  20. Police Pals/Steelers Basketball Game to sponsor Scholarships for Bethel Park Students interested in Law Enforcement as a career.
  21. Participating each year with DEA Prescription Drug Take Back Program
  22. Senior Citizen Safety Workshops
  23. Business Emergency Contact Information
  24. Social Networking Safety

 It is the goal of the Crime Prevention Officer/ Community Resource Officer  to partner with all members of the Community to make Bethel Park as safe as possible for everyone. We also strive to provide the Community with the best service possible.  You can access this office via email at  or call 412-831-6800 extension 104. 


                                    Homeland Security Investigations/ Victim Notification Link

Homeland Security Investigations has developed a Universal Locator for the Homeland Security Investigations Victim Notification Program.  The link is:



                                       FDA – How to Dispose of Unused Medicines (Liquids & Solids)



                                               National Do Not Call Registry:

 I have received many questions about telephone solicitation, so I figured this information might be helpful to eliminate some of those solicitation calls you may receive.  It will not eliminate all of them, but it will certainly help. 

Are you signed up on the National Do Not Call Registry?  It really is very simple.  If you have access to the internet and an email address, here is what you do.   Go to .  Once on that page, you will see several options on the left side.  Click on "Register a Phone Number".  You can enter up to 3 phone numbers at a time, plus you must provide an email address.  Once you provide the email address and confirm the email address, you then click on "submit".  A short time later, you will receive an email for each phone number you submitted.  (if you submitted 3 numbers, you will get 3 emails) In the email, there is a verification link that will put the number into the National Do Not Call Registry.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Officer Tom Rigatti @ 412-831-6800 extension 104 or email