412-851-BPPD (2773)             The Bethel Park Police Department ANONYMOUS CRIME TIP LINE is for the confidential reporting of information and non-emergency incidents to the Bethel Park Police Department.  The Tip Line number is 412-851-BPPD or 412-851-2773.  The line has been set-up so that members of the community and students of the Bethel Park Schools can report information that they may otherwise be reluctant to report.  The Tip Line is a voice mailbox with a recorded message.  A caller can leave a message containing the information that he or she wishes to share with the police department.  The Tip Line is a non-emergency line.  There is no way to identify the caller or the line the caller is calling from.  A caller is welcome to identify themselves and leave contact information if they wish and are encouraged to do so if the situation requires follow-up contact.  The information left on the Tip Line will be checked frequently, and investigated as necessary.  If an incident is an emergency or requires an immediate response, the Bethel Park Emergency Dispatch Center can be reached at 412-833-2000.  Nuisance type calls like noise complaints and other on going neighborhood issues should be reported when they are occurring to The Emergency Dispatch Center 412-833-2000.  This will allow the police department to respond to and address these types of issues in a more timely and effective manner.  If anyone has questions or issues you wish to discuss, notify the Crime Prevention Office at 412-831-6800, ext 107 or e-mail