On April 4, 2012, Officer James Modrak retired from the Bethel Park Police Department after a distinguished 25 year career.  Officer Modrak was a valuable asset to the Bethel Police Department dealing with the High School students while serving as the High School Resource Officer.  Upon his retirement,  Officer Modrak was hired by the Bethel Park School District and will continue his efforts of making the Bethel Park High School Campus as safe as possible and we will continue to work with Officer Modrak.  Should you need to contact Officer Modrak, here is how to reach him!  I know all of the Men and Women of the Bethel Park Police Department wish Officer Modrak good luck in his position with the Bethel Park School District.  We are all proud to have served with you together!

 Officer Modrak can be reached at 412-854-8730 or modrak.jim@bpsd.org.  


Officer Scott Zinsmeister, a 17 year veteran of the police department is assigned to work on a part time basis as a school resource officer with the Bethel Park School District.  Officer Zinsmeister supports Officer Modrak who is now a Bethel Park School District Police Officer.  

Officer Zinsmeister can be reached at 412-874-6129 or zinsmeister.scott@bpsd.org