ALERT: Surrounding communities have reported multiple calls regarding coyote sightings.
Below is a Safety Warning from Animal Control about Coyote Sightings: 
First, to clear up a myth... Coyotes are definitely NOT new to the area and have existed in our neighborhoods for some time.
Here are some Coyote Safety Tips to help educate you about these animals, as well as provide some do's and don't when encountering a coyote.
1. Fear of humans is important for coyote survival.
2. Don't feed other animals that coyotes prey upon. Birdseed often attracts these innocent animals to your backyard, which in turn attracts a coyote that is hungry.
3. Although attacks on humans are extremely rare, parents need to speak to their children about what to do if they encounter a coyote.
4. Coyotes are usually skittish around humans and typically try to avoid people whenever possible.
Things you can do if you spot a coyote in your neighborhood or near your home:
-Frighten coyotes with loud noises.
-Keep garbage in a tightly sealed container.
-In your yard, remove pet food, fallen fruit, and spilled seed beneath bird feeders.
-Use yard lights or motion detectors to frighten them away.
-Keep pets in fenced areas or covered kennels.
-Stay with your pets while outdoors, unless pets are in a secure, covered kennel.
-Do not allow pets to run loose. Keep pets on a leash.
If you encounter a coyote:
-Do not turn your back on a coyote or run away from a coyote.
-If approached, make loud noises and make yourself look big. If -this fails, throw rocks or other objects.
-Always keep yourself between the coyote and small children.





Police Department



The Police Department consists of 33 full time police officers, 4 emergency dispatchers, a secretary and a records clerk.  The Police Department is responsible for 24-hour community wide law enforcement and responds to all requests for emergency services.   The Police Department responds to an estimated  (16,000)  calls for service per year.

 The 33 sworn officers include the Chief of Police, 5 patrol sergeants, 18 patrol officers, 1 traffic sergeant, 2 traffic officers, 4 Investigators,1 School Resorce Officer and 1 Crime Prevention /Community Resource officer.

 The Department has the following divisions for more effective and specialized Law Enforcement in the Community:  Patrol Division, Traffic Division, Investigations, Crime Prevention/Community Resource Division, Bike Patrol, and School Resource Officer Division.

 I  believe the men and women of the Bethel Park Police Department are its most valuable asset and the essential ingredient to effectively and efficiently accomplish the police mission.


                                     Bethel Park Police Department

        Mission Statement

The Bethel Park Police Department is dedicated to ensuring public safety and enhancing the quality of life in the community by enforcing the law in a manner consistent with the rights of all.  We are committed to integrity and fairness in our dealings with both the community and the department members who serve within.  We will strive to provide the highest quality service to the citizens and the community through honor, professionalism, commitment, compassion and accountability.  We will respond to the changing needs of the community and its law enforcement officers, by maintaining a progressive approach to our work and continuing to develop innovative programs aimed at achieving excellence in law enforcement.

Please direct all inquiries to the Police Chief Timothy O'Connor at  or 412 831-6800 x. 101



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