The Bethel Park Police Traffic Division is responsible for enhancing traffic safety in the community for the residents of Bethel Park and the thousands of motorists who travel through Bethel Park everyday.  Presently, the Traffic Division is staffed by a Traffic Sergeant and two Traffic Patrolmen.  Officers assigned to the Traffic Division have undergone extensive training in PA Motor Vehicle Code enforcement, Advanced Vehicle Collision Investigation,  Traffic Collision Reconstruction, and a whole host of specialized training geared for traffic safety and enforcement.

             In addition to extensive training, Traffic Division officers are equipped with specialized equipment for both collision investigations and speed enforcement.  The Traffic Division has obtained two new pieces of speed enforcement equipment in the forms of ENRADD and V-SPEC.  ENRADD stands for Electric Non RADar Device, which utilizes infrared light to determine vehicle speeds. V-SPEC stands for Vehicle Speed Electronic Calculator, which utilizes a predetermined algorithm to determine vehicle speeds over a given distance.


Did You Know about M.C.S.A.P?  by Ian McGuire

Over the past couple of years I’m certain that everybody has seen commercial trucks stopped on Library Road and wondered exactly what was going on.  Since 2011, the Bethel Park Police Department has participated in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program or MCSAP as it has come to be called.  MCSAP is a federal commercial vehicle safety program administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The goal of the program is to promote commercial truck safety and enforcement of FMSCA regulations regarding the qualifications of drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles and the physical inspection of commercial motor vehicles.

Presently, the Bethel Park Police have two officers certified to conduct commercial truck inspections. Traffic Patrolmen John Symsek and Ian McGuire completed initial FMCSA mandated training in 2011.  The initial MCSAP training is two and one half weeks in length and consists of two core parts.  Part A is the inspection of the driver, this portion of the course covers the regulations regarding the qualifications and licensure required to operate a commercial motor vehicle.  Part B is the physical inspection of the commercial motor vehicle and its components.

In Pennsylvania the MCSAP program is administered by the Pennsylvania State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Division.  Municipal officers are required to complete a mandated number of inspections and complete mandatory yearly update training to maintain certification as a MCSAP certified officer. 

The Bethel Park Police Department participates in the MCSAP program to ensure the safety of all motorists and residents in the municipality.  With the large volume of commercial truck traffic in the municipality, it was necessary that the Bethel Park Police Department participate in the MCSAP program.  For more information on the MCSAP program please visit

*We would also like to take the opportunity to clarify some misinformation that has circulated throughout the municipality in regard to commercial vehicle safety inspections.  We ask first that you do not bring your commercial vehicle or combination to the Bethel Park Municipal Building for inspection.   The Municipal building houses the administrative offices of the Municipality and the Bethel Park Public Library, as such the Municipal Building and its parking lots are routinely full of vehicles and pedestrians making the lots unsafe for inspections to be conducted.  Secondly, we will not come to your place of business and inspect your vehicle.  Inspections may only be conducted on the roadway with a driver operating the commercial motor vehicle.  Once a year, usually in September, operation SOAR is conducted at Heinz Field.  This program is conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, and MCSAP certified municipal police officers from throughout the state.  Your commercial motor vehicle or combination can be inspected there at that time.  You will not be subject to citations for violations; however, if your driver is not qualified to operate the vehicle or the vehicle has equipment violations that would place it out of service, the vehicle will have to be towed from the scene.


If you send in a Traffic Complaint, there is a tracking number assigned to your complaint.  This tracking number does not work.  You will receive an email that your complaint was received, and your complaint will be assigned a number.  You can follow up on the complaint by emailing the person that sends you the confirmation that your complaint was received.  To report a traffic problem, click on the link below for Traffic violations.  If you want to report a street light out, click on the link below to report a street light outage.