Police Records

 The Bethel Park Records Department is located on the lower level of the Municipal Building.  You must enter the building by using the lower entrance door where it says "Police" and walking straight down the hall to the black double doors.  The Records office is located on the left, just past the Channel 7 studio.

 The Bethel Park Police Records Department is staffed by two civilian Secretaries.  These are the individuals that you would contact to obtain a copy of a Police Accident Report.  The fee is as follows:

                                                    Accident Report  - $10.00
                                                    Incident Card - $5.00


  Also, you can obtain a Cat License in the Records Department.  A resident must bring in their Rabies Certificate to obtain a Cat License.  The fees for the licenses are:

                                                    One Year    - $2.00

                                                    Three Year - $5.00


The Records Office is open from 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday.


If you need any other information, you can contact the department by calling:

  Aimee Belback, Secretary  - 412-831-6800, Extension 102 or abelback@bethelparkpolice.net


Janet Davin, Records Clerk extension 101 jdavin@bethelparkpolice.net






            To obtain a block party, the resident must submit the request, in writing, to the Bethel Park Police Department approximately four weeks before the block party listing the following:

 ∙          Contact person's name, address and phone number

∙          Date of the block party and/or rain date (if applicable). Rain date MUST BE THE DAY AFTER the  scheduled block party.

∙         Times of the block party

           Areas to be barricaded

            Information is needed stating what areas are to be barricaded to make sure that traffic can get through the area, i.e. from street to street or from a certain house number on a street to a cul-de-sac.  Barricades are to be placed in proper locations so that no vehicular traffic can enter the party area.

            Once the request has been approved, a block party permit (letter) is sent to the contact person stating the dates, times and areas to be barricaded.  The permit will inform the resident of the date when the barricades will be delivered to the resident's driveway - Friday before the block party and the date the barricades are to be placed in the driveway so they can be picked up - Monday after the block party.

            If you have any information or questions, please call the Bethel Park Police Department –

(412) 831-6800, Ext. 102 - Ask for Aimee.