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Enforcing Local Ordinances are a part of the Police Department's duties.  To enforce ordinance violations that are difficult or impossible to see from the road, we rely on residents to report these violations. We encourage residents to report any ordinance violation so that we can encourage compliance.

These violations include Junk Vehicles and Auto Parts, House Numbers, High Grass & Weeds, Garbage and Debris on Properties, Low Hanging Branches on the Roadway or Sidewalk, Snow and Ice Removal from Sidewalks, Parking, Pet Licenses, Soliciting and Intersection Sight Obstructions. (Intersection obstructions can also be enforced through the PA Vehicle Code.)

The Police Department does not enforce the violation(s) to issue citations.  Our goal in all ordinance violations is to get compliance from the resident.  Most of these ordinances are to maintain a better quality of life for all citizens of Bethel Park.  The common steps when there is a violation of a municipal ordinance are as follows:

1.     Notification of the specific violation(s). (Notification can be done in person or by mail.)

2.     A target date for compliance.  Officers will issue a warning notice, and there will be a date that allows the resident reasonable time to come into compliance.

3.     In some instances, the officer may allow an extension of time to come into compliance. (An extension can only be granted if the violation does not jeopardize public safety.)

4.     Last resort, a citation will be issued if the resident makes no attempt to come into compliance.

Below are some Bethel Park Ordinances that you can look at to see if you are in compliance.  This can also be used for reference if you have been issued a warning for a violation.

If you want to report an Ordinance Violation, you can do so by clicking on this link (To report a violation click here) or you can contact Officer David Ditoppa at dditoppa@bethelparkpolice.net or by phone 412-831-6800 extension 811


Report an ordinance violation by clicking on this link:


The following are Local Ordinances that the Police Department routinely make contact with our residents.  We made these files available so our residents can read them and come into compliance.

Junk Vehicle/ High Grass              House Numbers        Sidewalk Maintenance    Pet Ordinances

          Chapter 33                                   Chapter 43                    Chapter 59                  Chapter 30   


Environmental Protection
Chapter 33

The Patrol Division wants to remind everyone how important your House Numbers are.  During an emergency response, especially at night it is very difficult to see house numbers that are improperly posted.  House numbers should be a minimum of 4 inches and are to be placed near the front door of the residence.  If your house is off the road 75 feet or more, you are required to have an additional number close to the road.  Getting to your home quickly to help is our priority, please help us by installing your house numbers correctly!  Those few seconds we save getting to your house might make the difference.



                                                                    VACATION NOTICE

The following is a Vacation Notice.  Please click on the link and fill this form out and either mail the form to the Bethel Park Police Department 5100 West Library Avenue Bethel Park, Pa. 15102, drop the form off at the Police Dispatch area or Records Room, or scan and email the form to   jdixon@bethelparkpolice.net .  Remember, if you are going on a vacation, make sure you have someone checking your home. Make sure you cancel the Newspaper, Mail Delivery, and have someone pick up any items that are delivered.