The Bethel Park Police Department will be hold a Crime Watch Meeting on Monday 5/4/2015 at the Bethel Park Community Center  at  6:30 PM.  The purpose of this meeting is to talk about Crime Watch activities, recruitment, and to discuss current criminal activity.  We hope all of you will consider attending and  bring a guest!  




           April 2015 Crime Watch Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

1.       1078 Members in Crime Watch, but have 14 email accounts that have stopped working.  We need to get more people to join the Crime Watch.

2.       Introduce Chief O’Connor

3.       Introduction of Officer Joelle Dixon.  Joelle will be replacing me as Crime Prevention/Community Resource Officer. I encourage all of you to get to know her and work with her on making Bethel Park the safest community it can be. 

4.       Police Facebook Page Launch.  Officer Dixon will discuss the purpose for the page and the way it will be used.  We encourage everyone to like the page so you can get updates on police related incidents.

5.       The Police Pals/ Steelers Basketball game was a huge success.  Over 600 attended the event and over $13,000 was raised from the event.  $3000 will be donated to the Joey Fabus Childhood Cancer Foundation.  Thank you to everyone who supported this program! 

Congratulations to the winner of the 65” LG LED HDTV:  Marge Benson
Basket Winners: 
Basket #1:   Paul Studt          Basket #2:   Nico Del Gatti
Basket #3:   Rich Carten        Basket #4:   Hannah Picard
Basket #5:   Bryan Lippert     Basket #6:   Rich Carten
50/50 Winner: Judy Daughery

6.       The DEA sponsored Drug Take Back Program has been cancelled by the DEA.  The Bethel Park police department will continue to maintain a collection box at the police station.  The box is located at the dispatch center and you can get access to drop off unwanted, unneeded, or expired medication, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  All we ask is NO LIQUIDS or NEEDLES!

7.       Traffic Concerns:  Our traffic department has been working diligently to run details in different areas that had the speed monitor at one time.  The way they have been trying to work this is that they put the monitor out and then after removing the monitor they do a detail after a few days. If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with our traffic division, please contact Officer Symsek.

8.       There continue to be several scam phone calls being received.  The most frequent ones are the IRS scam, Grandparent scam, Microsoft Windows, and the US Justice Department.  In both cases, the caller speaks with a prominent foreign accent and they use scare tactics.  If you receive one of these calls, please report the call to 412-833-2000. Detective Mattes did contact the Almanac and beat writer Suzanne Elliot did run a story for residents of the South Hills to be careful.

9.       Street Lights:  Please report street light outages in your neighborhood. .  Call your power company and report the light out.  For First Energy (West Penn Power) call 1-800-720-3600 and for Duquesne Light call 412-281-4285.  The information you will need to correctly report the outage is the closest address where the pole is located, and possibly the pole number which is located on the pole, visible from the road.

10.   Swift Reach:  If you make any changes to your phone numbers, please make sure to make the change by going on the website,, go to the Swift Reach tab and clicking on the link to join the Swift Reach Program.  All emergency information is disseminated through the use of the Swift Reach Notification System.  If your number is NOT UNLISTED, then you are automatically entered into the system. 

11.   Emergency number:  People continue to call 911 when we have our own emergency dispatch.  The number is 412-833-2000.  The difference between the two is response time.  Calling the 412-833-2000 number gets you the help you need much faster than 911.


12.   House numbers:  House numbers are very important.  They should be located at/near your front door and should be able to be illuminated at night.  There are many people who have their house numbers in places that are very difficult to see.  Please get the word out in the neighborhoods that this is very important to a quick response.

13.   We encourage all residents to report any suspicious activity in a timely manner.  If you see people in the area that do not belong or the people are acting suspiciously, please report this to the police department so we can check on them.  Many times people see suspicious activity and they do not report it. 

14.   With spring weather, outdoor activity will be on the increase.  Please watch out for our children.  Also watch out for your neighbors! 

15.   Lock your car doors!!!  This is a continual problem.  If you leave your car doors unlocked and you have something of value inside, chances are you will become a victim.  Every jurisdiction has had the same type of problems.  We are asking you to lock your doors and to remove valuables from within your vehicle.

Future meetings:

Monday May 4th, 2015 @ 6:30 pm at the Community Center
Monday June 1st, 2015 @ 6:30 pm at the Community Center