Garbage Collection:


Bethel Park Garbage Collection

The following is general information/guidelines about the Municipal waste/recycling program.  For more specific information regarding collection days/dates, please refer to the Republic General Waste Collection Regulations Newsletter. If your home is missed or you have a concern about service, please call the local Republic Office at 412-429-2600 or email or contact the Municipality at 412-831-6800, ext. 130.


Garbage/Recycling Collection:  Weekly curbside collection is provided to all single-family residential homes in Bethel Park.  Recycling takes place every other week on your regularly scheduled trash day.  Garbage/recycling should be placed at the curb for collection on the designated collection day no earlier than 6:00 a.m. the evening preceding the garbage collection day and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the garbage collection day.  Please separate trash and recycling, but not behind each other. Place all containers curbside. Placing garbage and recyclables out earlier than the permitted time (including furniture, appliances, etc.) may result in a $100 per day fine.


While most household disposables are accepted, the following is a list of items that will not be collected:


Ammunition                            Flammable Materials                                Petroleum Products or residue Soil/Sod/Stones/Rocks

Auto Parts & tires                    Furnaces                                  Plumbing Materials                  Needles & Syringes

Construction Materials             Glass/Windows/Mirrors           Propane Tanks                         Wood/Lumber Items

Dead Animals                          Hazardous Materials                                Sale or Display Items                               Landscapers’ Waste


Effective January 1, 2013, in accordance with the “Covered Device Recycling Act” 108 of 2010, which requires the recycling of certain electronic devices, fluorescent and CFL bulbs; please be advised that these items will no longer be permitted to be set out curbside.  The ban applies to desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, televisions, and their peripherals.  Residents will have the option of taking advantage of  e-cycling  programs offered by numerous retail stores and other recycling organizations that collect electronic devices and appliances.  To find additional information, visit DEP’s website at or contact DEP Recycling Hotline at 1-800-346-4242.  You may also call the Allegheny County Recycling Coordinator at 412-578-8390.


Collection Preparation:  Secure household garbage in containers up to 40 gallon that weigh no more than 50 lbs.  Over-loading, loose garbage, and bungee cords are a hazardous safety issue for the Republic personnel and will not be picked up.  Do not place garbage in boxes.


Other Items requiring special preparation:


Appliances will be collected. Refrigerators must have the doors (for safety) and Freon removed and a “Freon Removal” certification sticker must be placed on the item.


Carpets should be tied and bundled in lengths not to exceed 48 inches & 18 inches in diameter so that one man can lift. Padding must be tack-free and protected from the weather.


Grass clippings can be bagged and placed with your regular trash.


Yard Waste – consists of leaves, garden residues, shrubbery and tree trimmings.  Not to exceed 4 feet in length & 4 inches diameter must be secured.


Empty paint cans and/or dried paint cans may be placed curbside. Paint can be air-dried or soaked up with newspaper or kitty litter. The contractor will not accept paint cans with lids on.


Toilets will be collected curbside, however, must separate the bowl and tank.


Garbage, rubbish not to exceed 15 bags or equivalent number of containers and/or

no more than 2 bulk items can be placed curbside each week.


 Please refer to the 2014 Waste Collection Schedule to determine your recycling weeks.


Metal: Aluminum, steel, tin, & bi-metal cans, aluminum foil & foil products.

Plastic: Items numbered 1-7

Glass:  Clear, brown, & amber glass containers

Paper: Paperboard boxes, copier paper, magazines, newspaper, catalogs, junk mail and telephone books. Corrugated cardboard must be flattened, bundled, and no larger than 14 x 14 inches.


How to Handle Leaf Waste:  Full bags of leaf waste will be picked up on the same day as regular weekly trash for curbside collection during the following Leaf Recycling Weeks:  October 13 – 17         October 20 -24        October 27 – 31       November 3 – 7      

                                                  November 10 – 14 November 10 – 14   November 17 – 21


NEW FOR 2014 – is the monthly collection of YARD WASTE.  The third Saturday of each month April through September residents may place yard waste, leaves, and grass clippings at the curb in paper yard waste bags.


PA Act 101 and the Municipality of Bethel Park Ordinances require that all commercial facilities recycle office paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans and yard waste.  You are also required to report your 2013 results on the data collection form.

dumped.  The use of plastic bags as a receptacle for leaves is prohibited and will not be collected. Leaf bags should be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the garbage collection day during the designated leaf collection weeks.