Available on Verizon (32, 31), Comcast (7 & 17) & Youtube

BPTV is Bethel Park's very own full service television production studio, whose facilities and resources are available free to any individual, organization or group in Bethel Park!  Create your own TV program, advertise your non-profit event on our Community Bulletin Board or become a volunteer to gain experience with the latest video production equipment, while helping other members of the community complete their projects.  All completed programs are available to view on our public access (Verizon - 32, Comcast - 7) or government access (Verizon - 31, Comcast -17) and online on our youtube channel.   All of our rules and regulations are outlined in the BPTV OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES

PRODUCE A TELEVISION PROGRAMAny individual, organization or group in Bethel Park has the ability to use Bethel Park Public Access Television's facilities to produce a TV program or series for non-profit purposes.  Bethel Park Public Access Television has an experienced volunteer staff who can help in the production of your program, but it is recommended that you supply some individuals who are willing to learn to operate the equipment in the event our regular volunteers are unavailable to help on a given scheduled taping date.  Once completed, most programs are aired 3 to 5 times a week, and any single program is generally kept in the rotation for one month.  BPTV Programming Schedule

VOLUNTEER AT BPTVOne of BPTV's primary functions is education. Any individual who is willing to help other people with their projects will be given extensive, free, hands-on training with all equipment necessary to make a completed television program, making Bethel Park Public Access Television a great opportunity for anyone considering a career in television, video or film. BPTV also will work with your school to gain you credit for your efforts through our internship program. BPTV is also a great place if you are just looking for a fun and exciting way to perform community service. If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please contact the Facility Director.


Advertise you non-profit event on our televised COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD by filling out one of our forms and returning them to our office at 5100 West Library Avenue, Bethel Park, PA 15102.  All submissions are due on Tuesday at 9:00 am the week you wish the ad to begins.  Click here for a printable COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD FORM to fax or drop off.  You can also send a Bulletin Board Message via e-mail: BULLETIN BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT (messages must be no longer than 8 lines, with 30 character per line including spaces & punctuation, and are subject to editing.)


BPTV is working with the Bethel Park Community Foundation to establish the Bethel Park Volunteer Scholarship Fund!
100% of the proceeds that BPTV acquires through copy requests of our programming go toward establishing this fund.  Now, every
time you purchase one of our great programs you are helping sponsor another great program to benefit all of the loyal
Bethel Park Volunteers that make our community a great place to live!  Request a copy.